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Student UnionManagement

Improve communication with clubs and the student body. Over 50% of emails sent to students are unread. Broadcast messaging channels and App push notifications.

Track student and club engagement, usage, views, and track events and ticket sales.

Students feel disconnected, connect the student body efficiently with clubs and events on campus using one platform with ticketing/registration feature. Student Unions can review and approve events before they are published.

Manage clubs, club members, club registration and memberships, club membership renewals, reimbursement requests.

Give multiple access levels to the student union team. Each member can have unique access rights.

Students can connect with each other through course based chat rooms.

Monetize from businesses by utilizing the special deals and offers Chatroom where all students can get targeted.

Social ClubManagement

Clubs and Student Organizations have their own analytics
and management dashboard and app that can help them:

Create events, get student union approval, and sell tickets.

Track events registration and sales, target and retarget students based on sales analytics dashboard and event success tracker.

Manage financials and connect your bank account directly.

Market events and target students through broadcasting messages to private messaging channels on CampusMate app.

Boost your club members by having a unique profile page on CampusMate app.

Manage your club details, members, executive team, social media pages on CampusMate app.

Submit renewal documents, reimbursement requests, and connect with student unions paperless.

Do you want to streamline your day to day activities,
and boost campus engagemnet

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